Lyrics and music by:
Libby Elizondo and Arthur Elizondo 

Live Again (short version), You See, .....

BACKGROUND: ... Libby was the lead singer of Trinity RAL and Liliana and los Internacionales. Perform in events for the Latino Laugh Festival, Hard Rock Cafe, and around the Texas area. Kiki was a drummer in New York venues and later played here in Dallas as we formed the band Rojo in 2009 where we played places like Texas at Borders, White Rock Cafe , etc..  Kiki and I are currently began performing in Dallas and we will be featured in The Dr. Tracey Show on October 24, 2016! Tune in to see us!

INFLUENCES: Natalie Merchant, Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow, Edie Brickell, REM, The Cure, 
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